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Stats about our Reseller Hosting Servers

Average server uptime for this month: 99.9987%
Network Uptime: 100%
Spam blocked since Jan 2008: 5,232,566 (updated weekly)
Average Managed Reseller Hosting Client respond time: 34 mins
Average Standard Reseller Hosting respond time: 27 mins

Move your accounts to Flexihostings Reseller Hosting Plans and we'll:

Managed Reseller Hosting Support Guarantee

Beside our 100% uptime guarantee, as our managed reseller hosting customer, you and your clients enjoy rapid response from our support team.

What does our managed reseller hosting support guarantee covers?

Beside our 100% server uptime guarantee, we will assure you that your queries and your clients queries are attended by our support engineers within 60 minutes.

To qualify for our managed reseller hosting support guarantee, you must submit your ticket via our helpdesk under the reseller hosting support department. Why so? It's because email / ticket submit under this department will receive high priority attention by our support engineers.

As for your clients, we need to stay invisible to them thus the only way for our support engineers to truly remain invisible, we can only offer email support to your client.

How easy can this be setup?

Once you have signed up for our managed reseller hosting account, along with your account activation email, you will see an email
address that is exclusive to you. All you need to do is to setup a forwarding for your common support email which your client use and our team will handle all your queries from there.

What's the remedy if we do not meet our reseller hosting support guarantee?

You'll be compensated! For every instances that we fail to attend to your queries within 60 minutes, we will add 2 extra days to your reseller hosting account with us.