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Pro Active Server Management Service by our highly skilled and experience team of Server Administrators keeps your server up and running 24/7/365. Our server administrator maintains over 2,000 servers of our own throughout 6 data centers all over the world.

We believe we are really good in managing any Linux based servers. Let us worry about your server and you to worry about your business.

At Flexihostings, we adhere to the highest level of privacy practises and such practise is implement throughout our organization regardless whether your server is hosted within our facilities or elsewhere.

If your business has been affected by downtime and security breaches in the past, you’ll need our Pro Active Server Management Service.Our Server Administrator monitor your servers 24x7, upgrade software, perform Security Audits and updates, manage Backups and respond to emergencies instantly, no matter what time of the day or night.

Pro Active Server Management Service - What is included? Everything

    • Initial Server Setup (with Server Hardening, Security and Performance Optimization)
    • Pro-active Server Administration (Monthly Security Audit, Security Implementation, Patch Management for Web server, FTP server, Database server, Email server, DNS server and Operating Systems)
    • 24/7 Server Monitoring (A response time of 10 minutes or less, for all service down alerts)
    • Server Backup Configuration
    • Disaster Recovery (Fault correction, Data restoration and Preventive measures, provided the backup is available for restore and we are allowed to configure backups for your server)
    • One hour Response time guarantee to support requests(does not include end-user support)
    • Fully Customizable - allowing you to decide whether to have Flexihostings pro-actively manage your servers 100%, or otherwise handle upgrades and installations only upon approval.
    • Optional control Panel Upgrade.

We put great emphasize on Security. Below are the stuffs we do to your server within this plan as well.

    • Security Audit and Vulnerability reports.
    • Configured Firewall and Security Monitoring Software
    • Advanced Securing of critical services (ensuring that all security holes in the server are closed)
    • Kernel Security updates
    • Performance Optimization of Critical Services
    • Software Updates based on Security Vulnerability reports
    • CSF/LFD Installation and Configuration
    • AIDE (Implementation of IDS)
    • Disable unwanted services (For security and to avoid unnecessary server resources)
    • PHP Hardening (To avoid PHP related security issues)
    • Verification of log files and its Rotation
    • Hardening sysctl and required files for security
    • Prevention of URL Hack injections and web based attacks

How much Flexihostings Pro Active Server Management Service will cost you?

One time setup fee of: EU105 per server
Monthly fee of EU91.00

Why is there a setup fee?
The setup fee will cover the following:-
- Preliminary information gathering of your server by one of our engineers. You will be required to complete a questionnaire at this time.
- Setting up your server on our 24/7 Central Monitoring System that is located in 6 geographically disperse data centers in Australia, Singapore, Netherlands, Seattle, Dallas, Washington D.C USA
- Setting up an escalation procedure
- Setting up the necessary access token therefore our automated daemon and go into your server to perform regular check automatically
- Performing a detail server audit to identify any weakness in your server.
- To facilitate the exchange of Information Privacy and Server Management Agreement between you and us.