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Our VPS/VDS Server Information

Average Server Uptime: 99.995%
Network Uptime: 100%
Min. Server specs: Intel Xeon Quad Core with 8GB RAM

You can now choose where you want your VPS/VDS to be hosted in:

Choice of 4 datacenters.
You can have your cPanel VPS setup in either one of our 4 datacenters (The Netherlands, Seattle, Dallas, Washington D.C.)

Click here to view our Australian based VPS Account.

cPanel VPS 1
30,000 MB Disk Space
1,000 GB Premium Bandwidth
2 Dedicated IPs, Unlimited Virtual Hosts
384 MB Guaranteed RAM
2048 MB Burstable RAM
100 MBps Internet Connection
Instant self service VPS reboot
cPanel & WHM included
VPS hosted in: The Netherlands or USA
cPanel VPS 1: €21.95 per month

cPanel VPS/VDS Hosting

Our cPanel VPS plans are for users who love the feature rich and intuitiveness of cPanel control panel. cPanel is the most popular control panel in the web hosting industry and you can add Fantastico or RVskin to your cPanel VPS too.

cPanel VPS is excellent for web hosting resellers. You can create your customers hosting account within your cPanel VPS.

Unlike some other web hosting company, all our cPanel VPS account will be hosted on a Server Grade main node which is powered by Intel Xeon processor with 8GB RAM or more.

24/7 Professional Technical Support. We are always here to answer your questions at all times.
Self service instant reboot for all VPS. You have the ability to remotely reboot your VPS via the wem 24/7.
99.95% Network Uptime Guarantee. Applies to any Flexihostings client in good financial standing with Flexihostings at the time of a service outage.
Save More When You Pre-Pay
€29.95 /mth
Prepay 3 months
€28.95 /mth
Prepay 6 months
€27.95 /mth
Prepay 12 months
€25.95 /mth
Prepay 24 months
€23.95 /mth
Prepay 36 months
€21.95 /mth
Affordable Upgrades / Addon for your hosting account
 View all our SSL Certs
 Register wide range of domain names
 View our list of Misc upgrade

Choice of 3 datacenters.
You can have your cPanel VPS setup in either one of our 3 datacenters (Seattle, Dallas, Washington D.C.)

Root Access.
All plans include 100% root access. This give you the ability to install or replace any piece of software you'd like. Your operating system is your own secure environment.

Your website and entire VPS is backup regularly and you can be sure we have an image of your VPS image.

OS choice.
Our cPanel VPS is installed on CentOS 5.2 O/S as recommended by cPanel Dev Team

Instant Activation.
All cPanel VPS account are setup immediately and delivered within 4 hours upon payment confirmation.

All of Flexihostings's plans can grow with you. Our affordable dedicated server plans will be your next step when you have outgrown your VPS enviroment.

cPanel/WHM Screen Shots/Features


Click here for details cPanel features.

Need something more powerful?
Check out our Extreme VPS Plans - They are as powerful as a Dedicated Server!